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We bring your special moments to life. Life is a beautiful journey, filled with several milestones. The birth of your first child, his/her first day at school, graduation, the flutter of love in their eyes, its culmination in a joyous marriage, the birth of their first child. It’s a circle, and life goes on.... No doubt these wonderful moments will stay etched in your mind album, your memories. We at i-Net Productions fulfill the immensely satisfying task of recording these moments physically for you so you can summon happiness every once in a while in a convenient photographic format, or slip a DVD/Blu-Ray into your player and relive those moments once again, again, and again!
i-Net Productions spearheads a team of creative photographers who specialize in capturing 'that special moment'. Be it at a wedding, a birth ceremony or christening, or any other joyous occasion; using state-of-the-art equipment, we give you the best that photography has to offer. Call us.




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